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Welcome and thank you for visiting <Undeniable>’s new official website


·         What and who we are:  We are a smaller based guild on the Jedi Covenant server, we base our time zone and soon to be operations schedule on the server location, eastern.

·         What we offer: We have a very nice Ventrilo server and a guild bank with two tabs.  Guild repairs are available.  We almost always have members on, it may not be a lot but there is almost always help.

·         Where we are:  At this point in time we are still in the process of leveling members and gearing our 50’s for operations.  We run HM’s almost constantly with our 50s.  We have a large portion of the guild, almost all at lvl 40+; this does not include those players’ alts.

·         What we want and expect: As I’m sure you can already assume, is that the guilds goal is end game pve content.  However members are free to do whatever they want to do.  The leadership will continue to hold the thought process of “You pay the subscription every month, you can do whatever you want in the game and we will never tell you what to do.”  Now I know the statement “we will never tell you what to do” does not always apply, we will if necessary ask you if you would like to respec to fill an operations spot, but the members have complete control over whether they do this or not.

·         Requirement and Communications: The guild does have an age requirement, we maintain a age 18+ guild which keeps our guild chat mature (this does not mean humor or even clean free, on the contrary while we do not sensor our chats from language, there is a small filter on content of discussion, we try and keep it R rated, Ventrilo tends to be less censored even still.)  We would like all members participating in HMs with other guild members to be on Ventrilo and Vent is required for all Operations.

·         About the leader (a book):  A little about me, the guild leader, I started my serious gaming life with counter-strike 1.6 where I worked for a server hosting company, allowing me to run a clan with a sponsor to fund the travel required to maintain a CAL-P (professional league) team.  I did this for a while and had enough of the travel time and began my love with MMORPG’s.  I started my mmo career with Ultima Online, I played on the free servers, never did the pay thing, I loved the game and I actually miss the qualities and game play, pvp, and general abilities the game offered.  From there I went from runescape to ddo, everquest, you name it, I’ve tried it.  Then one night I was accepted into World of Warcraft beta, I began playing beta and knew I found my home.  As soon as the game launched in ’04 I immediately started a guild, the guild quickly moved from a small tight nit network of friends to a large operation of officers and diminished ranks.  My guild quickly moved into 40 man raids where we continued to be a leading guild in progression, pushing through MC and BWL and then the original Naxx.  With BC came changes in raiding, and the guild quickly dropped in members as the need for a large guild did not exist with 40 man raids gone.  We minimized our members and focused on 10 man raiding.  We pushed forward at a level of hardcore game play that unfortunately I cannot do like I was (wife and kids now).  Anyway we maintained a top progression guild until WOTLK when my guild managed the first killing of LK normal and hard.  Cata came out, with the changes, we did end game as always and I quickly lost interest in what the game had become, going from a 40 man hardcore raiding game to a 10 man 12 year olds game.  As SWTOR came close to launch my eagerness grew and at launch I found a new home.  I played for a week at the beginning got to 40 and had to take a hiatus for a while, at return I found my server dead and I started on a new server, character transfer was not available and would not be available for some time, I pushed to 50, hit 50 had nothing to do, started <Undeniable> as I was leveling up a new toon and after meeting some wonderful people, decided to start a guild once again.  The current leaders of the guild are members of a Nar Shaddaa heroic group and my wife.  That brings us to current and we will see what the future holds.

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